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Philippine Environmental Mutagen Society, Inc.

The Philippine Environmental Mutagen Society (PEMS), Inc. was incorporated on 10 February 1978.

The first eleven Directors of PEMS were:

  1. Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco
  2. Ruben C. Umaly
  3. Lourdes V. Mantaring
  4. Consuelo A. Buenvenida
  5. Florencio-Isagani Medina III
  6. Ma. Lourdes C. Brion
  7. Serenidad M. Karunungan
  8. Enriqueta A. Banzon
  9. Gloria C. Bernas
  10. Angelita G. Reyes
  11. Pilar G. Anglo

Current Officers and Members

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the current PEMS Board of Directors are on holdover capacity with Dr. Amelia P. Guevara heading it as President. The other officers and board members are as follows:
  • Dr. Ernelea P. Cao, Vice President
  • Dr. Evangeline C. Amor, Secretary
  • Dr. Irene M. Villaseñor, Treasurer
  • Dr. Jonas P. Quilang, Assistant Secretary
  • Ms. Raquel Rubio, Assistant Treasurer
  • Ms. Leonora Nudo, Auditor
  • Dr. Titos A. O. Quibuyen, PRO
  • Dr. Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla
  • Ms. Grace F. Azares
As of November 2014, PEMS has 137 life members and 5 regular members.  The list of members can be found here.

Mission / Vision

The aims and objectives of PEMS shall be the following:

  • To promote the advancement of knowledge in Environmental Mutagenesis and related fields, principally:
    a. To encourage research and education on mutagens and related substances in the environment;
    b. To establish and promote communication and interchange of professional knowledge among members of the SOCIETY, as well as related societies, local and foreign;
  • To actively participate in the dissemination of information on environmental mutagens and related substances; and
  • To establish means by which knowledge of mutagens and related substances in the environment can be utilized for the improvement of the socio-economic and health conditions of the country.

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