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Philippine Environmental Mutagen Society, Inc.

The Philippine Environmental Mutagen Society (PEMS), Inc. was incorporated on 10 February 1978.

PEMS aims to:

  1. promote the advancement of knowledge in Environmental Mutagenesis and related fields through research, education, and interchange of professional knowledge among members and related societies,
  2. promote active participation in the dissemination of information on environmental mutagens, and
  3. establish means by which this knowledge can be utilized for the improvement of the socio-economic and health conditions of the country.

Membership is open to regular, honorary, and institutional members.

Please click here to DOWNLOAD the MEMBERSHIP FORM.

38th PEMS Convention

The Philippine Environmental Mutagen Society (PEMS) will be holding its Annual Convention on 24 November 2018 from 12 - 5 PM at the New CS Administration Building Auditorium.  For inquiries, please e-mail

Flyer for the convention can be downloaded here.  

PEMS Convention registration fees are PhP 500 for members, PhP 650 for non-members, and PhP 300 for students. Students must present ID. The fee is inclusive of snacks. 

Venue: College of Science New Administration Building Auditorium, National Science Complex, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City.

This year's theme is "Environmental Mutagens Affecting Reproductive Differentiation and Carcinogenesis" and we have the following speakers who will be sharing the work that they do related to the theme:

  • Environmental Mutagens and Sexual Dimorphism  -  Dr.Lerrie Ann Ipulan-Colet
  • Endocrine Disrupting Compounds and Carcinogenesis - Dr. Michael Velarde
  • Ectodermal Beta-Catenin is an essential modulator of mouse external genitalia formation: A disease model for human hypospadia  -  Dr. Ahmad Reza Mazahery
  • Clinical Proteomics in Cancer Biomarker and Drug Target Discovery - Dr. Baby Rorielyn Esleta

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